baseball action

Baseball is a terrific sport for all the family and it offers both vigorous and moderate exercise to help combat disease and ensure the heart gets a healthy dose of stimulation. It works on many muscles and also develops hand-eye coordination. Baseball is also a social sport, so it helps you to make friends with others who have the same interest, and at the same time you get a terrific workout.


Cardiovascular Training


Baseball is the perfect way to burn calories and to give your heart the cardiovascular exercise it needs. Any exercise that works up a sweat and makes your heart pump faster counts as cardiovascular and government recommendation advises that adults need 2 and a half hours of cardio work out each week. Baseball demands running, whether it’s between bases or to catch a ball, and this is the cardiovascular exercise we need.


Baseball is a fairly aerobic sport and this means that it can combat heart disease, because of the demands on the field. If you are pitching or in the outfield, your heart will be pumping the blood around your body and this is a good solid exercise regime for you, whatever your fitness level is. The sport also needs prep exercise in the form of stretches and jogging, and this alone will warm your body up and benefit you health-wise.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that doing two types of physical activity every week will keep you fit and healthy and strengthen your muscles. You can spread your activity out over the week, rather than do it all at once and 10 minutes at a time is fine, but if you choose baseball as an exercise, this will occupy you for a significant proportion of your 2 and a half hours and, because it’s such an enjoyable sport, you won’t be clock watching at all. CDC explain that it’s all about what’s best for you as an individual, as long as you invest in moderate or vigorous activity for at least 10 minutes at a time, and avoid becoming addicted to what you are doing, you will benefit from a healthy lifestyle.


Muscular Development


Throwing a ball is one of the important skills of baseball and if it’s done routinely, it will develop the bicep muscles as well as other muscles in your arm. Pitchers will find a definite improvement in muscle tone by playing this sport. Running around the bases and running to catch a field ball will build up your leg muscles too, leading to great muscle definition and good health all round. Professional baseball players will tend to be lean and will be able to run distances in a short time frame. Whatever level you are at and even if you just enjoy getting together with friends and family for a fun game every now and then, you will reap the rewards of a baseball session and you will feel the benefits in your body.


Baseball improves the upper body strength as well as developing leg muscles because of the energetic sprinting involved in the sport. You will find yourself burning calories; for example a person weighing 160 pounds might burn as much as 365 calories through just one hour of baseball.


Baseball is good for the Mind


Psychologically, when you are playing a game of baseball you are concentrating on the game intensely and even when you are following the game, particularly on radio, you need to build up a sense of who is playing and who might be up next, leading to greater memory recall. We need to mentally process information about the rules of the game, as well as updating information about a particular striker and who is injured etc. The mind is important when it comes to exercise such as baseball and other sports; we enjoy becoming wholly absorbed by an activity and this is good for our health. However some people become addicted psychologically to exercise and need to be cautious about overdoing sports in terms of physical stamina, as this will affect concentration on other aspects of life and have a negative impact on ones social life. So, whilst all sport is good for us physically and can be good for us mentally too, a level of moderation is needed so that we avoid becoming addicted.


The great thing about baseball is that it’s such a social sport that we tend to share the way we watch it with friends and family and if we play it, we have the opportunity of meeting new people and forming new relationships through our love of this sport.


Baseball is good for the health and good for the soul.


This post was contributed by Jennifer Ullman.