Blog Post-Chest Protectors

Did you know hundreds of kids have been seriously injured by being struck in the chest with a baseball? Think about it. One fluke line drive to the heart and your world is turned upside down in an instant. Now, this does not mean you need to prohibit your child from playing the game that we all love. However, it does stress the importance of properly equipping our children every time they step on the diamond.

Chest protectors have become a common trend in recent years, but the goal is not accomplished until every player wears one. For those who are unfamiliar with these devices, they are not as visually apparent as they may seem. In fact, you cannot tell if a player is wearing one. They are built into undershirts which most players are accustomed to wearing anyway. There are different styles of protectors with different levels of padding.

The McDavid HexPad (Picture below) is an 80% nylon and 20% spandex and polyethylene combination. It contains mesh fabric on the back, shoulders and sides to provide ventilation and a light weight feel for players. It has moisture management technology to keep players cool and dry. Most importantly, the shirt has a 9 mm Hex Technology padding to protect players from sudden impact if struck with a ball. It also reduces the chances of minor injuries to the chest and sternum area.

Overall, this is a fantastic product with great reviews. We sell this product at Better Baseball for $29.95 online and at both of our locations. This is a bargain considering most undershirts of this material will cost at least $20 without the padding. Most importantly, with this product you get peace of mind which is priceless. This product is very comfortable and does not hinder mobility when on the field. It does not weigh you down, or even feel excessively hot to wear. Many players say they cannot even tell they are wearing the product. I give this product a 10/10. It is a fantastic safety precaution, and it does not hinder an athlete’s level of play by any means.

Another style of chest protector, the Easton Youth Torso-Tech Shirt” offers more padding than the basic compression undershirt. This one is 100% polyester, and has much more padding. The padding covers the chest, stomach, and sides. This shirt would be recommended for beginner players who are not as skilled fielding balls. This would also benefit players who lack confidence fielding the ball, because this eliminates the fear of getting injured by the ball. However, this excessive padding does affect the athlete’s game. Players become less mobile, and smaller kids have trouble with their throwing mechanics while wearing the shirt. For these reasons, I would give the product a 9/10 rating. It is still a great product, it just meant for a different kind of player. Even though it slightly affects the players on the field, it serves its objective of keeping players safe on the field. This product is sold at Better Baseball for $35.95.

A product similar to the two featured in this blog are a must for parents to get their kids. Customers should not be too sensitive to the price, because the alternative could be an injured child and a hospital visit. No matter what All-Star team your child plays for, or how good they are; it only takes one ball to cause serious injury. Don’t take the risk.

By: Adam Seger