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Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System

May 29, 2015 11:25:54 AM


The Better Baseball Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System


The bat has come a long way since the early days of baseball.  What was once an object sloppily cut out of a tree trunk by hand is now a fine-tuned hitting device produced by dozens of manufacturers in various lengths, weights, and materials.  Over the years, the baseball bat has evolved under the notion that the newer, better model will bring hitters more success.  And it just so happens to be that the first step to successful hitting is making sure that you have the right bat.  So how do you tell if the bat you’re planning to purchase is the best fit for you?  With such an overwhelming variety of options out there today, it can be quite confusing making this decision.  But don’t you worry!  We’re here to help.

Better Baseball is proud to introduce the Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System – our new and improved bat selection process.  With the use of a Zepp sensor, a Hit Trax Batting Simulator, and the expertise of the Better Baseball staff, we guarantee a fun and interactive experience in choosing the correct bat, while also offering valuable feedback on swing speed and mechanics.  By implementing this system, we at Better Baseball truly believe that our customers will greatly benefit by being able to make the most informed purchase decision.  It’s our way of taking pride in outfitting players with the right gear and a means for us to stay on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest baseball technology.  Let’s take a deeper dive into this new system.

The first component of the Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is the Zepp Sensor.  This device consists of a motion sensor placed on the knob of the bat that transmits swing data straight to your smart phone.  The Zepp Sensor provides instant feedback on bat speed, hand speed, swing plane, time to impact, bat angles, and more.  It displays a 3D model on your smart phone that allows you to replay and analyze your swing.  It also provides personalized coaching tips and drills that you can work on to fix those imperfections.  You can say that this part of the Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is all about the pre-contact mechanics of your swing.  By using the Zepp Sensor, we are able to determine which bat size you are swinging fastest and most consistently.  So what about post-contact ball trajectory?  That’s where the Hit Trax Batting Simulator comes in.


The second part of the Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is the Hit Trax Batting Simulator.  This revolutionary technology, composed of multiple high-speed, motion-sensing cameras and a display screen, is the first and only batting simulator of its kind.  The Hit Trax Batting Simulator offers instant feedback on exit ball velocity, hit distance, launch angle, and much more.  View spray charts, batting averages, and line drive percentages with the simulator that allows you to train as you play.  By using the Hit Trax Batting Simulator, we are able to determine which bat size is best suited for you based on the hitting display you simulate for us.

The third part of the Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is the knowledgeable Better Baseball staff.  We’re here to help you understand that everyone’s swing is different and not everyone should be using the same model bat even if it’s the “hottest one out.”  We’re here to teach you the difference between a “balanced” and an “end-loaded” bat and what type of swing best matches each.  We’re here to give you the pros and cons of 1-piece alloy bats, three-piece composite bats, and everything in between.  We’re here to show you all the unique features of different bats, such as composite end caps, rotating handles, and rubber vibration dampeners.  We’re here to tell you what the heck a “drop number” is.  For years, we have outfitted players of all ages with bats of different sizes and makes.   Our expertise and experience in this field is something we take pride in and always try to improve on.  The Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is the next big step.

Softball Blurb:

“Each softball hitter is unique with their own technique, hitting style, and power.  Each player needs a bat designed with their exact preferences in mind. Power hitters need a bat that packs a big punch while slappers need a bat weighted closer to the hands for maximum barrel control. Not all bat sizes are created equal. Each model bat swings differently even when advertised to be the same size.  If you’re still using a sizing chart to find the perfect bat for you then you’re doing it wrong. Thanks to the innovation of Zepp and HitTrax, there are tools to help make a more thorough decision when choosing a bat.  Not only can you measure you bat speed alone, but with these tools you can measure swing trajectory, distance, time to contact, and much more. We have both sensors here at Better Softball and are prepared to help you find the perfect bat for you!”


The Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is now open to the public, no appointment needed.  The Hit Trax Batting Simulator is located only at our Marietta location.  Don’t forget about the Swing Speed Challenge in both Marietta and Chamblee over the weekend of May 22 – May 24!


-Boone Evans

Better Baseball

The Hittrax Baseball Simulator Now at Better Baseball Marietta

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It might be time to ditch your donut...

Mar 23, 2015 12:28:30 PM



It might be time for you to ditch your donut. Varo Baseball has created a one of kind bat weight that can be found in just about every MLB on-deck circle this spring training.  The Varo ARC bat weight is one of the only weights that "disperses weight to the end of the bat creating a game-like swing ".  Traditional bat weights, like the donuts and hitting jack-its , concentrate most of their weight on the middle or taper of the bat. All of us at Better Baseball are amazed on how different the swing feels when you compare the Vero ARC

"The ARC was designed to bring a more natural feel to a player's practice swing, and encourage proper technique and conditioning," says Varo co-founder and CEO Erik Mattern. "We are thrilled with the positive feedback and demand we have received from MLB players, coaches, and organizations. Varo Baseball is committed to its quest for bringing innovative products to the game of baseball, by continuing its personal involvement with players and coaches at all levels."

ABOUT VARO BASEBALL  Varo Baseball was founded by former professional baseball players with the vision of bringing innovation, customization and enhanced performance to the game of baseball. After many years of watching players swing the same bat weights, Varo Baseball wanted to bring the on-deck necessity into the 21st century. After years of research and design with players and coaches, the ARC was born. It didn't take long to realize this was a "eureka" moment for the game of baseball. Keeping with the spirit of America's pastime, Varo products aredesigned, created and manufactured in the USA. The ARC made its major league debut during MLB Spring Training, and is now used by organizations at all levels.  


The ARC's revolutionary weight distribution is the only bat weight we found that is able to evenly displace the weight across the bat. Other bat weights like traditional donuts place all the weight on the taper of the bat. The Varo ARC is able to increase the weight of the bat while simultaneously keeping the fundamental balance of the bat congruent with the bat without the added weight. I like using the Varo ARC because you can replicate a game-time swing with a weighted bat. I used to use a heavy donut while on-deck, but that did not help me replicate my normal swing at the plate. The weight was too focused towards the middle of the bat. The Varo ARC lets you do both. You can have a weighted bat, but with a realistic balance to help replicate the same approach in the on deck circle you would use in the batter’s box.  

Varo ARC Weights can be purchased here @


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Demarini CF8 is the New Hotness

Mar 11, 2015 5:36:28 PM


The 2016 Demarini bats are coming in hot this year and they gave us a sneak peak here at Better Baseball and Better Softball. There have been some serious upgrades to the already advanced technology that Demarini is known for. The Paradox + composite barrel is now even more responsive creating a longer sweet spot and optimal performance right out of the wrapper. You won’t have to wait for results on these babies. The new D- Fusion 2.0 handle redirects energy from contact back into the barrel minimizing hand sting and sending back that beautiful vibration you get when you really get a hold of one.

The best part about Demarini bats is that each is designed for a specific type of player. You are always coming into a bat that was literally made for you. The CF8 -8 and CF8 -9 are heavy hitters and designed for maximum pop. The CF8 -10 Insane is made for those athletes who don’t want to compromise explosive power for a lighter swing. You get the best of both worlds with this bat as it swings lighter but distributes the weight out further for maximum pop. An added bonus is that the electric blue color scheme on this bat is phenomenal.

 The old faithful -10 balanced model is back and better than ever. Everything that made this bat great just got greater. The stacked barrel construction gives the lightest walls in the game for a balanced powerful swing.

The LIMITED EDITION CF8 -10 HOPE is structurally identical to the CF8 -10 but with a little social agenda behind it. Proceeds from purchases on this model go toward the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can crush softballs and cancer at the same time- the ultimate multi-task. Only making 2,000 of these so get yours quick!

The CF8 -11 is the perfect bat for the younger, less developed athletes who are ready to crush. Players are getting serious about their sport much younger these days and need a bat that packs the same punch as the bigger, heavier models. The color scheme showcases the demeanor of the bat. A serious look with intense graphics and only a little pink to keep the flavor. The designers at Demarini understand that you don’t have to drown a bat in pink to catch a girl’s attention. This is the most popular bat of its kind and in my opinion, the best transition bat in the game.

The most exciting addition to the 2016 line in my opinion is the first ever SLAPPER bat! Modeled after the balanced -10, the 2016 CF8 -10 Slapper is designed specifically for the unique needs of this kind of hitter. The longer barrel measures up to 14” for maximum plate coverage and weight is distributed closer to the hands for unbeatable barrel control. Don’t worry power slappers- this bat has the same explosive pop as the other models so you can keep working those gaps. The best part of the bat is that it is just as versatile as the athletes who swing it. It is made so you can utilize all the tools that make you an effective slapper. I am beyond excited for this bat to hit the field this season.

Needless to say, we are pumped for the 2016 Demarini CF8 line. Theres a reason why some of the greatest players in the game are swinging Demarini. Here at Better Baseball and Better Softball, we are one of the few who can provide demos so come by our store and look for us at tourneys to demo one for yourself. Feel free to leave your own reviews of any of these models below! and *|A HAYBREZZUS BLOG|*

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