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Rewards Card Program

Mar 25, 2016 1:07:48 PM

For more information on how to join,

give us a call



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Louisville Slugger Demo Day

Jan 21, 2016 11:33:45 AM


Come join us on January 30th for the Lousiville Slugger Demo Day! 
-Try out brand new Slugger bats for both baseball and softball
- Get a free Slugger t-shirt with any Slugger bat purchase!
- Register to win a 2016 Louisville Slugger Bat!
- Bat bags, batting gloves, and accessories will be raffled off all day long!
- The Louisville Slugger Demo day will be at both locations!

The "Murders Row" of 2016 Metal  Baseball Bats

Prime 916 Features and Benefits
Louisville Slugger’s Prime 916 is the bat of choice for baseball’s best amateur players. 87 percent of hitters surveyed by Perfect Gamechose last year’s Prime 915 over Easton Mako, and the Prime 916 is even better.
The Prime 916 provides hitters with maximum bat speed, extreme power and ultimate balance. It helps hitters get their bats to the zone fast for maximum pop. The bat features a premium patent-pending FCS (Fused Carbon Structure) composite handle and barrel, patented TRU3™ Explosive Power Transfer technology and three-piece construction, which give it a lighter swing weight to ensure maximum control. 
The Prime 916 has a massive sweet spot with extreme barrel flex and dramatically reduced vibration.  This bat gives hitters the best possible feel and unmatched performance and is available in BBCOR ($399.99 suggested retail), 2-3/4 inch and 2-5/8 inch big-barrel Senior League models ($349.99) and a 2-1/4 inch Youth Baseball model ($229.99). All Prime 916 Louisville Slugger bats feature Lizard Skins™ Grips. The Prime 916 Senior League 2-3/4 inch barrel is now 27 percent longer, while the Prime 916 Youth barrel is 12 percent longer, creating much larger sweet spots.

Select 716 Features and Benefits
Louisville Slugger’s Select 716 is a bat built for driving the ball and going deep. It’s the bat of choice among Louisville Slugger’s Top 25 college teams. Crafted to be the next generation of hybrid power, the Select 716 combines its elite AC21 alloy barrel with the patented TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer technology and hybrid three-piece construction to deliver powerful performance. This impressive bat features a massive sweet spot, dramatically reduced vibration, a solid feel, maximum barrel flex and an explosive trampoline-like swing. It’s available in BBCOR ($299.99 suggested retail), 2-3/4 inch and 2-5/8 inch big-barrel Senior League models ($249.99), as well as a 2-1/4 inch Youth Baseball model ($179.99).
BBCOR and Senior League Select 716 Louisville Slugger models feature Lizard Skins Grips.
Omaha 516 Features and Benefits
Louisville Slugger’s Omaha 516 provides hitters with the ultimate in balance and maximum in control. With trusted power and championship performance, the Omaha 516 is the most proven one-piece bat and most consistent high-performance bat in baseball. Made with Louisville Slugger’s new exclusive lightweight 7U1 alloy, the Omaha 516 delivers the right mix of undeniable power, a massive sweet spot, superior balance, maximum barrel flex and a lighter swing weight. The Omaha 516 is available in BBCOR ($199.99 suggested retail), 2-3/4 inch and 2-5/8 inch big-barrel Senior League models ($149.99) and a 2-1/4 inch Youth Baseball model ($99.99). BBCOR and Senior League Omaha 516 Louisville Slugger models feature Lizard Skins Grips. The -10 Senior League models have barrels that are 40 percent longer, while the Omaha 516 Youth models have barrels that are 25 percent longer, creating much larger sweet spots.

Prime 916 -3 
Buy Now
716 Select -3 
Buy Now
Omaha 516 -3 
Buy Now
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You’re officially invited to the Easton HITLAB event hosted by BETTER BASEBALL!! Get your swing professionally analyzed using the new Easton HitLab technology! Find the perfect Easton bat for you and receive GREAT discounts! Along with the main HitLab activities and MAJOR Easton discounts at our Chamblee store, there will be food trucks and other special guests for a day of family fun!

The event will run from 10am-6pm on Saturday November 21 at our CHAMBLEE LOCATION (no special events at the Marietta location). Be sure to pre-register for a time slot to avoid a wait AND receive a special Easton T shirt for registering early!


To register:

Email the following information to with the following information:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Phone Number

  • Time Slot

  • Shirt Size

  • Current league you’re playing in

  • Current bat brand and size you’re swinging

The time slots are as follows: 10-11; 11-12; 12-1; 1-2; 3-4; 4-5; 5-6. Just show up within the time slot selected to get priority in line!
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October is Breast Cancer awareness month which means the timehas come for pink games and pink gear! Better Baseball and Better Softball have teamed up with the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (GBCCF) with intention of doing our part in impacting the cause surrounding the month of October. The GBCCF, founded in 1994 by survivors of the disease, is a non-profit education and advocacy organization with a focus specifically on Georgians effected.  

The Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund is proud to work with Better Baseball this October. It is wonderful to know that these young athletes and their families find it so important to support the many women (and men) living with breast cancer in Georgia,” said Amy Upchurch, executive director of the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund.  “The funds raised support our hard-hitting education and advocacy work to increase access to medical treatment for those diagnosed with breast cancer and funding research.”

Come into our Marietta location during October and find the Breast Cancer Awareness section in the front of the store. In this section we are selling pink inspired accessories and apparel from partnered brands like Under Armour, Mizuno, Lizard Skins, and more.  A large portion of proceeds from items sold in this section will be donated to the GBCCF at the end of the month. Be sure to stop by and #shoptosupport!

For more information on how to get further involved, reach out to


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Bat Trix Competition

Sep 23, 2015 6:21:32 PM


Win great prizes by competing in our Better Baseball Bat Trix Competition. To enter, simply create a 15 second video of you or someone else doing their best bat trick or tricks with #BBbatrix in the post. Video must be an original and not a re-post. The Grand Prize winner will win a CUSTOM DEMARINI BAT. Special Judge Johnny Burke aka Bercules the Bat Tricks Guy (@Bercules88) will choose the overall winner. Runner Up Prizes for baseball and softball will be awarded for the videos with the most "likes". Runner Up winners will receive a $100 Gift Card and BB Swag Bag. Tons of great consolation prizes for original creative bat tricks. Winners will be announced October 30th. Good Luck! #BetterBaseball #BBbatTrix

Got Questions? Feel Free to give us a call at 404-400-2419
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The 5th Annual Tent Sale!

Jul 31, 2015 2:12:51 PM

The wait is almost over!
The biggest sale of the year just got bigger. Come and join us August 21st -23rd for the 5th Annual Better Baseball Tent Sale! Save up to 75%<-Bold on your favorite brands of bats, gloves, catchers gear, apparel, accessories, and more! The sale will take place at our Marietta location
WHENFriday/August 21st/8:00am –Sunday/August 23rd/6:00pm
WHERE: Our Marietta Location, 132 Carruth Dr Marietta, GA
Details of the sale
Bats, Gloves, Bat Bags, Helmets, Catchers Gear, Pants, Performance Apparel, Cleats,  and Training Aids just to name a few. 
Rawlings, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Wilson/Demarini, Worth, Cutters, EvoShield and MORE!
Maybe a select few big sale items with images and slashed pricing
Other Great Deals! 
Pitchers Pockets discounted $199.99

Promotional Giveaways throughout the sale!
Free Glove Steaming and Bat Wrapping all day long!
All Better Baseball shirts and hats will be $10!
Keep an eye out for some pre-tent sale teasers both in-store and Online!
Any other questions please call 800-997-4233

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Blog Post-Chest Protectors

Did you know hundreds of kids have been seriously injured by being struck in the chest with a baseball? Think about it. One fluke line drive to the heart and your world is turned upside down in an instant. Now, this does not mean you need to prohibit your child from playing the game that we all love. However, it does stress the importance of properly equipping our children every time they step on the diamond.

Chest protectors have become a common trend in recent years, but the goal is not accomplished until every player wears one. For those who are unfamiliar with these devices, they are not as visually apparent as they may seem. In fact, you cannot tell if a player is wearing one. They are built into undershirts which most players are accustomed to wearing anyway. There are different styles of protectors with different levels of padding.

The McDavid HexPad (Picture below) is an 80% nylon and 20% spandex and polyethylene combination. It contains mesh fabric on the back, shoulders and sides to provide ventilation and a light weight feel for players. It has moisture management technology to keep players cool and dry. Most importantly, the shirt has a 9 mm Hex Technology padding to protect players from sudden impact if struck with a ball. It also reduces the chances of minor injuries to the chest and sternum area.

Overall, this is a fantastic product with great reviews. We sell this product at Better Baseball for $29.95 online and at both of our locations. This is a bargain considering most undershirts of this material will cost at least $20 without the padding. Most importantly, with this product you get peace of mind which is priceless. This product is very comfortable and does not hinder mobility when on the field. It does not weigh you down, or even feel excessively hot to wear. Many players say they cannot even tell they are wearing the product. I give this product a 10/10. It is a fantastic safety precaution, and it does not hinder an athlete’s level of play by any means.

Another style of chest protector, the Easton Youth Torso-Tech Shirt” offers more padding than the basic compression undershirt. This one is 100% polyester, and has much more padding. The padding covers the chest, stomach, and sides. This shirt would be recommended for beginner players who are not as skilled fielding balls. This would also benefit players who lack confidence fielding the ball, because this eliminates the fear of getting injured by the ball. However, this excessive padding does affect the athlete’s game. Players become less mobile, and smaller kids have trouble with their throwing mechanics while wearing the shirt. For these reasons, I would give the product a 9/10 rating. It is still a great product, it just meant for a different kind of player. Even though it slightly affects the players on the field, it serves its objective of keeping players safe on the field. This product is sold at Better Baseball for $35.95.

A product similar to the two featured in this blog are a must for parents to get their kids. Customers should not be too sensitive to the price, because the alternative could be an injured child and a hospital visit. No matter what All-Star team your child plays for, or how good they are; it only takes one ball to cause serious injury. Don’t take the risk.

By: Adam Seger

Comments | Posted in Blog By Brett Evans

Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System

May 29, 2015 11:25:54 AM


The Better Baseball Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System


The bat has come a long way since the early days of baseball.  What was once an object sloppily cut out of a tree trunk by hand is now a fine-tuned hitting device produced by dozens of manufacturers in various lengths, weights, and materials.  Over the years, the baseball bat has evolved under the notion that the newer, better model will bring hitters more success.  And it just so happens to be that the first step to successful hitting is making sure that you have the right bat.  So how do you tell if the bat you’re planning to purchase is the best fit for you?  With such an overwhelming variety of options out there today, it can be quite confusing making this decision.  But don’t you worry!  We’re here to help.

Better Baseball is proud to introduce the Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System – our new and improved bat selection process.  With the use of a Zepp sensor, a Hit Trax Batting Simulator, and the expertise of the Better Baseball staff, we guarantee a fun and interactive experience in choosing the correct bat, while also offering valuable feedback on swing speed and mechanics.  By implementing this system, we at Better Baseball truly believe that our customers will greatly benefit by being able to make the most informed purchase decision.  It’s our way of taking pride in outfitting players with the right gear and a means for us to stay on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest baseball technology.  Let’s take a deeper dive into this new system.

The first component of the Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is the Zepp Sensor.  This device consists of a motion sensor placed on the knob of the bat that transmits swing data straight to your smart phone.  The Zepp Sensor provides instant feedback on bat speed, hand speed, swing plane, time to impact, bat angles, and more.  It displays a 3D model on your smart phone that allows you to replay and analyze your swing.  It also provides personalized coaching tips and drills that you can work on to fix those imperfections.  You can say that this part of the Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is all about the pre-contact mechanics of your swing.  By using the Zepp Sensor, we are able to determine which bat size you are swinging fastest and most consistently.  So what about post-contact ball trajectory?  That’s where the Hit Trax Batting Simulator comes in.


The second part of the Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is the Hit Trax Batting Simulator.  This revolutionary technology, composed of multiple high-speed, motion-sensing cameras and a display screen, is the first and only batting simulator of its kind.  The Hit Trax Batting Simulator offers instant feedback on exit ball velocity, hit distance, launch angle, and much more.  View spray charts, batting averages, and line drive percentages with the simulator that allows you to train as you play.  By using the Hit Trax Batting Simulator, we are able to determine which bat size is best suited for you based on the hitting display you simulate for us.

The third part of the Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is the knowledgeable Better Baseball staff.  We’re here to help you understand that everyone’s swing is different and not everyone should be using the same model bat even if it’s the “hottest one out.”  We’re here to teach you the difference between a “balanced” and an “end-loaded” bat and what type of swing best matches each.  We’re here to give you the pros and cons of 1-piece alloy bats, three-piece composite bats, and everything in between.  We’re here to show you all the unique features of different bats, such as composite end caps, rotating handles, and rubber vibration dampeners.  We’re here to tell you what the heck a “drop number” is.  For years, we have outfitted players of all ages with bats of different sizes and makes.   Our expertise and experience in this field is something we take pride in and always try to improve on.  The Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is the next big step.

Softball Blurb:

“Each softball hitter is unique with their own technique, hitting style, and power.  Each player needs a bat designed with their exact preferences in mind. Power hitters need a bat that packs a big punch while slappers need a bat weighted closer to the hands for maximum barrel control. Not all bat sizes are created equal. Each model bat swings differently even when advertised to be the same size.  If you’re still using a sizing chart to find the perfect bat for you then you’re doing it wrong. Thanks to the innovation of Zepp and HitTrax, there are tools to help make a more thorough decision when choosing a bat.  Not only can you measure you bat speed alone, but with these tools you can measure swing trajectory, distance, time to contact, and much more. We have both sensors here at Better Softball and are prepared to help you find the perfect bat for you!”


The Sweet Spot Bat Sizing System is now open to the public, no appointment needed.  The Hit Trax Batting Simulator is located only at our Marietta location.  Don’t forget about the Swing Speed Challenge in both Marietta and Chamblee over the weekend of May 22 – May 24!


-Boone Evans

Better Baseball

The Hittrax Baseball Simulator Now at Better Baseball Marietta

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Power Of the Plus

May 29, 2015 10:45:39 AM


Power of the Plus:


Louisville Slugger has been grinding the past few years working to become the most dominant fastpitch bat on the market. Whether it is a Xeno or LXT, you can rest assured that you are stepping up to the plate with a top quality weapon.


After much anticipation, Louisville Slugger has introduced the 2016 beautifully powerful models- the Xeno Plus and LXT Plus!


This year’s line stayed the course with similar graphics from 2015, but, in true Louisville Slugger fashion, they have stepped it up a notch for 2016. Along with adding the “Plus” to the names, the new line has infused an eye-catching splash of optic yellow into both the Xeno Plus and LXT Plus. Louisville Slugger has struck a perfect balance between classic and flash with their aesthetics and I could not be more pleased with how they turned out.


Moving on to what really matters- ultimate performance. Let’s break it down by model.


Xeno Plus: The old faithful. This bat has one of the largest sweet spots in the game with a trademark sound that gets results. Louisville Slugger Performance Plus Composite allows for zero wall friction and maximum pop. The two piece barrel to handle iST technology provides max flex and limits bad vibrations. With sizes ranging from -11 to -8, this is a bat that can be swung throughout an entire career.


LXT Plus: This model has been slowly catching up to its LS counterpart over time and we think this year might be the year that LXT breaks out ahead of the almighty Xeno! This is one sharp looking bat with some of the best graphics and color schemes that we have seen yet. Made with the same Performance Plus Composite Technology as the Xeno, this model is no longer end-loaded like it was in 2013. You will get an evenly balanced bat engineered for maximum performance! The LXT TRU 3 Technology doesn’t allow the handle and barrel to touch allowing for optimum pop and eliminating all vibrations. Another great surprise is the addition of a -11 option! Now the younger, smaller athletes training for big-time performance can join the LXT crowd. Seriously, this bat is legit and that blue will definitely make a statement at the plate!



We are counting down the days until June 1 when these beauties arrive in the store. As always, be sure to stop by Better Softball in Better Baseball and demo one to see the results for yourself!

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    2015 Better Baseball Swing Speed Challenge
Friday May 22nd- Sunday May 24th


So you think you can swing a bat pretty fast, huh?  Do you exceed the average swing speed of your age group?  Come see for yourself at Better Baseball’s First Annual Swing Speed Challenge on Friday, May 22nd to Sunday, May 24th at both the Marietta and Chamblee Locations.  Using a Swing Speed Radar, a Zepp Sensor, and a HitTrax Batting Simulator (Marietta only), we will analyze players’ swings and determine who has the fastest bat speed of their age group.  The competition will be broken down into 5 age groups for the boys and 5 age groups for the girls.  The top three performers from each age group will earn a prize as well as a photo posted on Better Baseball’s social media outlets!  So get ready to step in to the box and swing out of your shoes.  The challenge is on!

Contest Rules:

Each participant will be put into one of 5 age groups (one for boys & one for girls)

4-7yrs, 8-10yrs, 11-13yrs, 14-16yrs, 17 & up. a total of 10 groups

Each participant gets 3 swings, and their top swing speed counts for their total Score. They are allowed warmup swings, but must swing a bat that is legal for their age group. 

i.e Billy is in High school and must swing a -3 BBCOR. Timmy is 12 yrs old and can either swing a -10 senior league bat or a legal small barrel bat


i.e. Billy swings 45, 45, and 48. on his 3 swings. 48 would be his score. 

tie breakers: First tie breaker: Average of three swings. Second Tie breaker; Speed of Second Swing; Third Tie Breaker: Youngest age. 

One entry per person. Scoring must be witnessed and recorded by sales associate to count towards the contest. All winners will be announced on Sunday at 6 PM. 

Prizes for Winners 

Top 3 performers in each age group gets a prize package; as well as photo posted on our social media outlets. 



First Place; BB Hat, T-shirt, $50gift card

Second Place: BB hat, t shirt, $25GC

Third Place: BB hat $15GC

Over-all Boys and Girl winner  (Fastest Speed of the Challenge regardless of age)
Zepp Sensor!


This email was sent to *|EMAIL|*
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