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Pro Cut Bat Weight

Pro Cut Bat Weight

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The Pro Cut Bat weight provides a counter weight to build strength and help improve bat speed by stimulating the "quick muscles".

Powerful hitting relies on sheer bat speed at the point of contact.

ProCut™ Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Q: I'm a high school player, what does a scout look for when they are at a game?
    A: We look for just the fundamentals of the game, fielding, throwing, hitting, running and good all around play. A player can go 0 for 4 (all strike outs) or make a few errors in the field, and still be considered a good pro prospect. We look for how they handle those bad times, because good players don't let it bother them. Just play and have fun and be the best that you can be.

  • Q: How can I strengthen my arm without hurting myself?
    A: To strengthen your arm if you're a pitcher and/or player, you need to throw every day in moderation. The human arm was not designed to throw over hand, so you have to be careful when strengthening.

    Start throwing the ball fundamentally, playing catch (not chase) with an ark in the throw. Once you are warmed up, move back a step after every throw, keeping the ark. Move back to about 3 to 4 times the distance of the base path you play on. If you would like to throw longer than that, then do so.

    Once you are at your maximum length, move in a step after every throw, to cool down the muscles until you're about base path distance apart. Pitchers need to throw even the day after they have pitched. Just throw slow and loosen the muscle up, this breaks down the lactic acid build-up in the muscles or the stiffness, and quickens the healing process.

  • Q: Is the batting cage the best place to learn how to hit?

    A: Not necessarily. To learn the fundamentals of how to hit, one can start in their own home. It starts with a series of stations a hitter needs to take to learn how to hit properly and get ready for a game. Here are some ideas:
    Practice with dry cuts or practice swings (No ball.) Hit off a hitting tee. Soft toss drill. Short toss drill. Batting practice.

  • Q: What are the major differences between Little League rules and the official rules of baseball?
    A: There are many differences, but probably the biggest ones are:
    Little League plays on 60 foot bases, official rules state 90 foot bases. Little League runners cannot lead off from the bases, official rules runners can lead off from the bases. Little League plays 6 inning games; official rules plays 9 inning games.
  • Q: Is the product good for practice only or can it be used in a game?
    A: The ProCut counter weight is for practice drills only. It can be used on the on-deck circle but not in the game. The ProCut weight will enhance a hitter’s performance and is not aloud during game play.

  • Q: Can the ProCut be used to swing at live pitching (batting practice) or just free swinging to warm up?
    A: Yes the ProCut weight can be used in live batting practice. We recommend it be used in all your hitting drills; on-deck practice swings, tee, side toss, short toss, and batting practice. The ProCut will always reinforce the fundamental swing every time you swing with it on. No other bat weight can do that.

  • Q: How can I measure the success of the product (longer balls, more line drives, etc)?
    A: All players develop differently. We have both players and coach’s see and feel the success right away, while others a little longer practice. With the ProCut system, there is a 5 to 20 percent increase in batter’s abilities and speed. We do offer a bat speed computer to measure the progress of a hitters bat speed. Remember, to be a successful batter, one has to frequently practice a consistent fundamental swing.

  • Q: Some softball bats are different by design, is there another product for them?
    A: Slow pitch softball bats are designed differently than fast pitch bats, but the mechanics of the swing are the same. In some slow pitch bats, manufacturers will end- load the bat. Which means they add a small amount of weight to the very end of the barrel.
    If the bat is swung correctly, the end weight could add more mass creating more bat speed for more power. Since the swings are fundamentally close to each other the ProCut weight system works great for both.
    Most of the slow pitch players prefer the 12oz. and 16oz. ProCut weights for their workouts, while the fast pitch softball players use all three available weights.

  • Q: Are the ProCut bats and weights appropriate for younger players, or do they need to use special little league bats? For instance, can the product (due to the weight) cause younger kids to get into bad swing habits?
    A: ProCut bat weights are the perfect swing weight for hitting. Young hitters need this weight the most it is always reinforcing the proper fundamental swing. Little league to the Pro’s, the ProCut weight system is proven to make better fundamental, powerful hitters than any other traditional weights guaranteed.

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