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About Us

The story behind Better Baseball is truly unique. The founder, Glen Robinson III, was a starting soccer player and valedictorian of his high school in Atlanta, GA. An entrepreneur at heart, Glen stayed on top of the latest trends and always kept an eye out for the next big thing. In the 1980’s he started raising and selling ostriches and emus. “The birds of the future, I tell you!” he preached, “they’ll be as popular as chicken and turkey!” While on the farm one warm spring morning, Mr. Robinson was approached by a client who inquired about the material used to separate the ostrich pens. They asked if he could use that same material to make a batting cage…well, he could, and he did. Word spread, and Glen began making batting cages for much of his rapidly expanding clientele. Unfortunately, in the early 1990’s the bubble burst on the ostrich/emu market, and Glen was forced to find something new.

Glen soon formed Shelter Shade, a company focused on supplying shade, netting and wind release materials. Meanwhile, demand continued to increase for batting cages, and eventually clients started asking for pitching machines to go with their beautiful new cages. Glen, not inclined to let anyone down, dutifully applied for credit with a number of pitching machine companies to ensure he could meet the growing demand. It should go without saying, pitching machines are pretty useless without balls, so Glen decided to sell those as well. Things progressed this way for several years until Glen realized, “You know, I sell more of this baseball stuff than farm stuff!” It was clearly time for a name change and a brand new direction.

In the mid 1990’s Better Baseball was officially established. With help from his nephew, Glen built one of the first online catalogs for baseball and softball equipment. Operating from the basement of his home, Glen managed to establish credit with over 100 different vendors before eventually building a brick and mortar retail location in May 2009. Upon completion of the new store, work began on a much needed website upgrade, and as of November 2010, Better Baseball launched version 2.0, which you see before you today.

The Better Baseball Team

The employees of Better Baseball provide respectful southern-style service. We love what we do and strive to help each and every customer play better baseball…and softball too!

Sterling Pace - Vice President of Operations

Sterling has always had a passion for baseball and it definitely shows in his work. He began his “career” in Atlanta playing little league at Murphy Candler. Sterling's strong leadership qualities and sales strategies have allowed Better Baseball to grow into one of the "most profitable small businesses in Marietta" (Cobb Daily Journal). The goal oriented sales-system that Sterling set up last year, has had a tremendous effect on sales growth, both regionally and nationally.

Aga Brouqueyre - Director of Finance

Aga brings more than 5 years in financial and business experience to her role at Better Baseball. She was one of our original employees and joined the company in 2007. Her responsibilities include all aspects of accounting including analyzing data, reporting, budgets, expenses and future outlooks. While she wears many hats within the organization she is clearly dedicated to assisting clients to ensure their unique objectives are met.

Aga graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in International Affairs with a concentration in business. She enjoys running, traveling, especially to her birth country of Poland, and has a heart for all sorts of animals. Although her schedule keeps her busy she finds time for Food Network shows and is slowly becoming a dedicated Braves baseball fan!

Brett Evans – Graphic Specialist

Brett has an extensive background in both baseball and graphic design which makes him a perfect fit for the Better Baseball team. The passion he has for baseball translates very well into his work and designs.

Taylor Forrester – National Sales Director

Taylor fits right in with the Better Baseball family bringing 15 years of baseball experience with him. He played both high school and collegiate baseball right here in Georgia. He provides excellent customer service through his expert knowledge of baseball and softball products.

Scott Zambito– Information Technology and E Commerce Design

Scott's attention to detail is key to his success as our Network Administrator and E-Commerce manager. Dealing with over ten thousand items daily would easily destroy a lesser man. He is also our resident wood bat expert. He has an extensive knowledge of wood bat history ranging from styles to current player models and has quite a collection at home. Scott has been coaching at East Cobb Baseball for over 5 years now, so his baseball knowledge is second to none. When Scott isn't at work (which is rare) he spends time with his dogs and his lovely wife Megan.